FASHION: G-Shock Releases the new iPhone Compatible Bluetooth Watches!

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Christmas is right around the corner and the Casio corporation has got a banger for the “Joneses”..and those who stay broke trying to keep up with ’em. The new G-Shock GB-5600AA Bluetooth watch just made its debut this month. And, not only does it come in 4 colors but, it’s also iPhone compatible. You can set this fancy mutha-shut-yo’-mouf’ to vibrate when the alarm on your iPhone rings, and when new eMails, SMS or calls come in. And, you can also change settings on your iPhone via the watch. This is certainly a hawt timepiece to add to your collection for the holidays – even just for the cool features alone. It’s being said that this watch will retail for approximately $240 [USD] and will be available for purchase in retail stores around Thanksgiving. Cute enuff! 

Miss Lawrence Says Kandi Has Not Paid Him/Her for ‘Housewives of Atlanta’ Song "Closet Freak"?!

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Ahem!<–[clears throat] Umm..Kandi, Mr./Ms. Lawrence wants to know why you haven’t cut his/her royalty check yet?!
As if there’s not enough on-camera drama to keep us all engaged – word on the sidewalk is The Real Housewives of Atlanta guest star and hairstylist Lawrence, also known as “Miss Lawrence,” is claiming that Kandi Burruss has failed to pay him for work on a song the two recorded together. Speaking on the matter, Washington said they had an agreement to “split” earnings from his song “Closet Freak,” which premiered on an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta some time last year.
However Mr./Ms. Lawrence says that, to date, those promised funds were never deposited onto his Pre-Paid Rush Visa Card.<–[sarcasm] “It’s not an issue. I ain’t seen no money. Ooh Ooh Ooh. No, don’t get quiet honey,” Lawrence told fellow Atlanta hairstylist Derek J when asked what happened to his music career and seeming deal with Kandi. Elaborating on the issue, Lawrence went on to say, “We had a split in place…. (but) Ain’t no split came about.” Lawrence was quite candid about the situation as he gave his “nutshell” of a take on things stating, “I don’t have any media training… I just tell the truth.”
Of course, Kandi did not take this lying down. She responded to the Notice to Appear in “Twitter Court” and tweeted this response to a jury of her Twitter peers in her defense [below]:

Child boo! It seems as if the off-camera shenanigans of the castmates are just as interesting as those that we see on TV. All of that said, the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicked off on November 4th. So, make sure you tune in to Bravo this Sunday at 9:00pm to get your housewives fix. Um-kay?!

EVENT: Charles Rush’s Birthday Bash with Portia Beaman & T. Carter Soultry!

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Singer Toni Braxton Accused of Committing Fraud?!

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Chiiile they say the “powers that be” in R&B singer Tony Braxton’s bankruptcy case are giving her a serious side eye for wrong doing! Allegedly, the bankrupt “More Than a Woman” singer is being fingered for giving her estranged husband thousands of dollars to hide from creditors. Sources say her ex-husband should “Just Be a Man About It” and spill the tea. TMZ, which broke the original story of the singer’s money woes in 2010, followed up on a new development with Braxton and her financial mess in their October 29th report.

I must say the “Tony Braxton bankrupt” headlines are shocking, considering this is the second time in four years that mutha’ has filed for protection from the courts. The “Another Sad Love Song” singer filed bankruptcy back in 2008 after racking up millions of dollars in debt. The new filing in 2010 was done to address the burdens of medical bills from her health problems. Toni suffers from an auto-immune disease that her brother also has and her uncle passed away from some time ago.

Braxton is being accused of “allegedly” giving her ex-husband, Keri Lewis [formerly of Mint Condition], $53,490 after the money was earmarked for creditors during the court proceedings. However, her rep said the money was legally transferred to Lewis for business matters and they have the paperwork to prove it. Now a judge will have to step in and iron out this mess. However, it seems odd that a measly amount of money would do much, especially when she owes millions of dollars in debts.
Hopefully after this whole bankruptcy matter is over, perhaps Ms. Toni will finally be able to “Breathe Again.”  *shrugs*


Evelyn Lozada Wants Restraining Order Lifted for Chad Johnson?!

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I’m willing to bet that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is somewhere wiping his brow as he may have one less thing to worry about.

Word on the sidewalk is that his ex-wife, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada, wants the “no contact order” between them lifted. According to reports, Lozada is requesting the order be lifted so they can “move on.” Despite that request, TMZ is reporting that Evelyn has no plans to reconcile their relationship at this point. As widely reported in August, Johnson allegedly head-butted Lozada during an argument at their home in South Florida. He was later charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and received an order to refrain from contacting or seeing

Lozada. Johnson and Lozada were married in a lavish ceremony just weeks prior to the incident. In July, their nuptials were recorded for the VH1 series Ev & Ocho, but the show as canceled following the incident. In related news, Lozada suggested Ev & Ocho was “still up in the air,” with VH1 having an option to air it. It is unclear if the network will choose to air the project, which was replaced with another show featuring a popular reality television couple.

NEW MUSIC: "Got Me Good" – Ciara [VIDEO]

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Ciara is back with new music and this time the Atlanta native has channeled her inner Michael Jackson with some funky, fly dance moves on “Got Me Good,” the first of several singles on her “One Woman Army” album due to be released on December 4th.  Peep the official video for the smash single [below]:

Werrrrk mutha’!

Driver Not Charged in Blaque Member Natina Reed’s Death?!

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The driver who hit Natina Reed, member of the R&B group Blaque and an actress, has not been charged. According to Gwinnett county (Georgia) sources Sunday, the driver called emergency officials after the incident and has been cleared of charges. “Police say the driver called 911 for help, and someone tried to revive Reed on the scene. She was later pronounced dead at Gwinnett Medical Center. Police say the driver wasn’t at fault and won’t be charged.” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.  As previously reported, numerous sources said Reed was a victim of a hit and run Friday. However, it has been documented that Reed was walking in an intersection on U.S. 29 before being struck by the vehicle.
Reed was an American actress, rapper, and singer/songwriter in the R&B trio Blaque. On most of Blaque’s songs, Reed is featured as a rapper, except on “Mind of a King” where she sings the song entirely on her own. Not only known for being a standout talent and the cousin of former Destiny’s Child member, Farrah Franklin, Reed was also a protégé of the late rapper Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of 90’s mega girl group TLC, who also died from a tragic car accident. How eerie!
Reed was one third of the hit trio Blaque, who reached success in 1999 with the hit single “808.” They would later appear in the hit pop culture movie Bring It On as a cheer leading team called the Clovers. Their music, including the hit single “As If,” was also featured on the soundtrack to the movie.

Those who knew Reed, including Gabrielle Union, who co-starred with her and the group in Bring It On, have reacted with messages via social media. Union tweeted: “#RIP  #sad  #BringItOn”

In 2001, Reed was engaged to rapper Kurupt [from The Dogg Pound]. She gave birth to their son Tren Brown in 2002. At the time of her death, Reed had been working on a solo rap album, as well as a new movie and reunion with fellow members of Blaque. Reed died on October 26, 2012, just two days shy of her 33rd birthday.

Toya Wright Turns Down Offer From ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’?!

Word on the sidewalk is that Ms. Toya chucked the “powers that be” over at the Bravo network the deuces!
Ever since America fell in love with Antonia “Toya” Wright [aka Lil Wayne’s ex-wife and Memphitz’s current wife] she has never been on a reality show that featured a lot of ratchetness, so it may come as a surprise to her fans to know that she [in recent times] considered joining the cast of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ “I interviewed for the ‘Housewives,’ but I’m so used to doing shows with my producer, James DuBose, and being an executive producer on a show so I’m able to see how they portray me,” said Toya, who is protective of her image.
“I work so hard to build such a positive brand and to just let people know who I am. I don’t want to mess that up,” she said. While she has been able to maintain a virtually spotless image through two reality shows, Toya said she can understand why other reality stars complain about what fans see of them on TV. “With the producers it’s about making good TV and some of them don’t really care about your personal life, as long as it’s something interesting for the cameras and something they can take to the next level to make juicy, they’re going to do it,” she said.
Child boo! An “Executive Director’s” check has way more digits on it than a “Cast Member’s” check so I can’t really blame mutha’. Um-kay?!

EVENT: The City of Opa-Locka presents "The Art of Transformation" featuring En Vogue!

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Before there was a Destiny’s Child or Pussycat Dolls there was sultry 90s R&B girl group, EN VOGUE!
On Friday, October 19, 2012, the Opa-Locka Community Development Corporation (OLCDC), surrounded by private jets on the runway of the Opa-Locka Executive Airport, will host an evening dedicated to “The Art of Transformation,” a celebration of the historic past, present and bright future of the City of Opa-locka. Guests will indulge in SAVORY, DELECTABLE HORS D’OEUVRES, enjoy a FULL BAR sponsored by Bacardi ß-[Ahem! That means FREE FOOD & LIQUOR ALL NIGHT LONG for all my slow folks!] ..annnd you’ll be treated to the music of EN VOGUE!
This event marks the kick-off of the Opa-Locka “Community Gateways” program, a revitalization plan sponsored by the OLCDC, in collaboration with Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places. These two powerful entities, along with dedicated members of the community, have joined forces to remove the barricades situated in Magnolia North (formerly known as “The Triangle” on Ali Baba Avenue, or as most of us Miamians call it, “The Bab”). Their goal is to create visual, physical, and economically-sustainable designs that INVOLVES and EMPOWERS THE COMMUNITY, while converting the city into a true “Community of Choice.”

The Opa-Locka Executive Airport is located at 15001 NW 42nd Avenue, Opa-Locka, FL 33054. Make sure you log on to www.olcdc.orgto purchase tickets to this exclusive event TODAY! For additional information, call (305) 576-3790. **sashays away from the computer humming the lyrics to En Vogue’s “Don’t Go”** BOOM!!!

In the meantime, get into this chart topper [below] from En Vogue called “Hold On”:

For more info on the artistic visionaries behind Opa-Locka’s revitalization project, click HERE.

RECAP: "Forever R&B" Concert feat Kelly Price, Dru Hill, Carl Thomas & Shirley Murdock!

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Just in case you missed it…

This weekend the Bank United Center was filled with the sweet melodic sounds of a genre of music that some have said is almost extinct – R&B. Miami concert-goers were treated to many classic hits made by such legendary artists as Kelly Price, Dru Hill and Shirley Murdock. Former heart-throb vocalist Carl Thomas was on the roster promising an impressive return for a bevy of fans anticipating a night of “Summer Rain” and “So Emotional” –  hits that secured his spot in R&B history but, he was a no-show.

Produced by J6 Entertainment (formerly known as GMASH), the event was co-hosted by radio personality Tamara G and comedian Larry Dogg. Larry Dogg, who (by the way) looked like a cross between the legendary Ronald Isley and the late great Ray Charles, and his band also served as the evening’s opening act. They did a phenomenal job! Larry and his band took us on a journey down memory lane singing hits from such notable groups as The Isleys,  Frankie Beverly & Maze, and more. Larry also had audience members nearly falling out of their seats from laughing so hard as he cracked jokes and picked on several in the crowd in between acts.


Shirley Murdock, who in the late 80’s peaked on the R&B top ten with the mega-hit “As We Lay,” slayed us all with soulful renditions of her memorable chart toppers, “Husband” and “Go on Without You.” But it was when the sound man couldn’t get his ish together that mutha’ really showed us that she is a “shole nuff sanga”. Murdock, not skipping a beat, belted out “I Still Love You” acapella with some in the audience serving as her impromtu background vocalist. Huntee the kidz went up! Well, at least I did. LOL!


Maryland-based 90’s male group Dru Hill performed next in the lineup. They, too, took us down memory lane singing all their greatest hits. And, aww man, because he had noticeably put on some pounds since I last saw Dru Hill perform, I just knew Jazz’s feet were never gonna leave the ground when the foursome sang their anthem, “Tell Me.” Needless to say, he shocked the buh-jesus out of me because not only did he do the [now famous] leaps throughout that song but, he served us pure energy all night long. Werk Jazz! <–[snaps in circular motion]



Powerhouse singer/songwriter Kelly Price and her fabulous background vocalists followed up and closed the out the show. Price treated us to songs like “Friend of Mine,” “Tired,” “You Should’ve Told Me, and more.

For those who didn’t know, Kelly Price scored an impromtu duet with Whitney Houston a few days before The Grammys in February of this year. In fact, the surprise appearance at Price’s pre-Grammy party would be Houston’s final performance. The two women sang a song about Jesus while Price called Houston a “class act.” Three days later, Whitney was gone. “Things people want to allude to are not what I saw,” Price told Rolling Stone shortly after Houston’s death, defending her friend against accusations of wild drug use. “There was no craziness going on, absolutely none of it.”

Not only did Kelly pay tribute to her dear friend Whitney at this event but, she took us home in style with yet another tribute and impromtu performance with the legendary Shirley Murdock, who was standing in the wing. The duo belted out “As We Lay,” the song originally made famous by Murdock and later re-recorded by Price, like no one else could. Although [if you listen to the lyrics] this is not a celebratory song but chiiile me and quite a few others were waving our hands and swaying back and forth as if we had written and recorded the song ourselves. Hmpf, you couldn’t tell me my name wasn’t Sugar PRICE, or Sugar MURDOCK that night! BOOM!!!

Huge shout out to J6 Entertainment and the fabulous folks over at Circle of One Marketing for all the hospitality they extended [to me]. You guys rock!
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